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Friday, December 16, 2011

Website design mistakes

If you are starting affiliate business or you are promoting your own products or service you should learn the basis of web design. Designing a website with SEO standards is a science that can save your online business. SEO mistakes made in the web design can cost you a lot with reducing the amount of the visitors what will directly produce with reducing the sales.
  • Mistakes made into your web pages titles
The titles of your web pages are the first part of the search engine optimization for your website.
You should know that using complicated names that are not relevant to the content of your page is not recommended by the SEO experts.
Always use a unique title for all your pages.
Always use a short names for your titles.
Always use high ranked keywords into your titles.

  • Mistakes made into your content
High quality content is the only reason why your visitors visit your website. Without quality content your website is nothing. No reason for the visitors to go on your website.
Never copy content from other websites. This habit will produce low value for your website in the ice of the visitors.
Never put large content into your pages

  • Mistakes made in the promoting
Never spam. Spamming can lead your website in banning it from the search engines.
Never promote the same content. From time to time refresh your content with adding new pages or creating blog for your website where you will post some new views related to your topic.
Never lie when you promote. Because it will produce a tons of people that will write bad for your website what will produce with destroying your business.

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