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Friday, January 13, 2012

The best tools for your Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way to make money online. Everyday thousands of affiliate marketers are trying to sell some products through websites, blogs, by writing articles and submitting them to search engines etc. Marketers spend many hours in front of their computers working online out of which 3% are succeeding.
Why Does this happen? What tools do you need to be successful in affiliate marketing?

1. Your own website
Creating your own website is an essential part for successful affiliate marketing. I suggest you get your own domain name. Never use free domains or subdomains. Why is your own domain very important for successful affiliate marketing? When your visitors come to your website they expect to see nice looking professional grade web site and they want to see a .com or .net domain extension. First look and impression maters. When you create killing content they trust you what produce with making sales.

2. Your own blog
Creating blog about your website is also an essential part of your affiliate marketing. Every successful affiliate marketer has successful blog. Many of the affiliate marketers create blogs on their own website but I don't recommend it because this way a backlink will not be created to your website. If that is the case you will not get quality traffic to your web site. I recommend you use is an excellent blogging platform powered by Google. Blogger offers free form blogging system allowing you to create HTML ADS. You just need to help your blog to be indexed by the search engines and the sales will come. For this purpose a good SEO practices must be follow.

3. Social media
Promoting your website and blog by using Social media is great for your affiliate business. Remember, every successful affiliate marketer uses the social media in their affiliate marketing campaigns.
·      Facebook is the biggest social network having more than 800 million members. Imagine if just 0.5% of them become your customers. These are about 4 million customers. If you get a commission for 1$ per customer it is 4 million of dollars.
How to achieve this goal?
·      You should learn how to create targeted Facebook ads.
·      You should learn how to create successful Facebook fan page.
·      You should learn how to advertise your Facebook fan page.
·      You should avoid the common advertising mistakes.
The only way to achieve this is by educating yourself.

The best book you can find on the Internet about the way of making Facebook your own money machine is the book "Facebook Advertising Guide".

This book will teach you how to reach 800 million targeted customers?  In this book you will find out detailed information how to create great Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.

·      LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the biggest business network where you can find business oriented people from all profiles. Using LinkedIn you can promote your Business using LinkedIn ads, creating business groups, connecting with other affiliate marketers etc. If you are unemployed you can search for a job using LinkedIn.
If you want to reach the true power of LinkedIn I suggest you the book   Blue Sky Guide to LinkedIn By Louise Fletcher.

·      APSense

APSense is Business Social Network that provide our affiliate business with solid tools to market products on Internet. If you use it properly APSense can work for you 24/7/365.
What you can reach with APSense?
a. You can Brand Yourself
b. You can Expand Your Network
c.  You can Promote Business

The best book you can find on Internet to reach the power of Apsense is APSense Guide Pro by Philippe Moisan.
Within its 125 pages, you will find:
o  How to master all of APSense's features quickly and easily
o  All you need to know about APSense, available in one place
o  Easy to follow instructions, with screenshots

4. Writing Articles
Writing Articles on the most known Writing Article Platforms will bring you thousands of targeted visitors to your website or blog. This task will make you an expert in your topic what will give you some status into the readership area.
The most known article platforms are:

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