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Friday, January 13, 2012

The best tools for your Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way to make money online. Everyday thousands of affiliate marketers are trying to sell some products through websites, blogs, by writing articles and submitting them to search engines etc. Marketers spend many hours in front of their computers working online out of which 3% are succeeding.
Why Does this happen? What tools do you need to be successful in affiliate marketing?

1. Your own website
Creating your own website is an essential part for successful affiliate marketing. I suggest you get your own domain name. Never use free domains or subdomains. Why is your own domain very important for successful affiliate marketing? When your visitors come to your website they expect to see nice looking professional grade web site and they want to see a .com or .net domain extension. First look and impression maters. When you create killing content they trust you what produce with making sales.

2. Your own blog
Creating blog about your website is also an essential part of your affiliate marketing. Every successful affiliate marketer has successful blog. Many of the affiliate marketers create blogs on their own website but I don't recommend it because this way a backlink will not be created to your website. If that is the case you will not get quality traffic to your web site. I recommend you use is an excellent blogging platform powered by Google. Blogger offers free form blogging system allowing you to create HTML ADS. You just need to help your blog to be indexed by the search engines and the sales will come. For this purpose a good SEO practices must be follow.

3. Social media
Promoting your website and blog by using Social media is great for your affiliate business. Remember, every successful affiliate marketer uses the social media in their affiliate marketing campaigns.
·      Facebook is the biggest social network having more than 800 million members. Imagine if just 0.5% of them become your customers. These are about 4 million customers. If you get a commission for 1$ per customer it is 4 million of dollars.
How to achieve this goal?
·      You should learn how to create targeted Facebook ads.
·      You should learn how to create successful Facebook fan page.
·      You should learn how to advertise your Facebook fan page.
·      You should avoid the common advertising mistakes.
The only way to achieve this is by educating yourself.

The best book you can find on the Internet about the way of making Facebook your own money machine is the book "Facebook Advertising Guide".

This book will teach you how to reach 800 million targeted customers?  In this book you will find out detailed information how to create great Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.

·      LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the biggest business network where you can find business oriented people from all profiles. Using LinkedIn you can promote your Business using LinkedIn ads, creating business groups, connecting with other affiliate marketers etc. If you are unemployed you can search for a job using LinkedIn.
If you want to reach the true power of LinkedIn I suggest you the book   Blue Sky Guide to LinkedIn By Louise Fletcher.

·      APSense

APSense is Business Social Network that provide our affiliate business with solid tools to market products on Internet. If you use it properly APSense can work for you 24/7/365.
What you can reach with APSense?
a. You can Brand Yourself
b. You can Expand Your Network
c.  You can Promote Business

The best book you can find on Internet to reach the power of Apsense is APSense Guide Pro by Philippe Moisan.
Within its 125 pages, you will find:
o  How to master all of APSense's features quickly and easily
o  All you need to know about APSense, available in one place
o  Easy to follow instructions, with screenshots

4. Writing Articles
Writing Articles on the most known Writing Article Platforms will bring you thousands of targeted visitors to your website or blog. This task will make you an expert in your topic what will give you some status into the readership area.
The most known article platforms are:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Create Successful Blog

Everybody know to write a blog but are not all blogs successful. Successful blog is blog that make a lot of money and of course have a lot of readers. That means if you want to have successful blog you have to focus on getting a lot of readers. There are many ways to get readers but you should understand that not all are working the same.
All affiliate marketers and business owners understand that for growing their business they should understand the way to make their blogs popular to the readership. Popular blogs have thousands readers. You should understand that you can't come to this level from the scratch without paying for advertising and set up capture page to get users to subscribe your blog. If you don't have money then you should start advertising your blog using free ways. This will spend you more time to make successful blog for you but it is possible.
Building successful blog is very hard task but following my advices in this article you will achieve it.
1. Build a list.
If you want to build a list the best way is with giveaway products. Giveaway products are some high quality free reports or free ebooks on popular topics that others could charge for with no problem. Giveaway ebooks or reports written by you is better because this will place you as an expert in the field related with your subject.

2. Video Marketing
Create 5 minute video for your blog and submit it to Youtube. This will bring you thousand of readers for free.

3. Artcle marketing is also very useful for making successful blog. There are many articles platforms that are high ranked and will boost your blog traffic. They will create high ranking backlinks to your blog.
My favorite Articles Platforms are:


All of these websites will bring you thousands if not millions traffic to your blog.

4. Social media marketing is also good way to promote your blog. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Apsense, Ibotoolbox has millions of members. Imagine their power to help you make successful blog. You just need to register them and start to post your blog link.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reach 800 Million Targeted Customers

Facebook is the biggest Social network at the moment. Facebook is capable to rock your business to the sky. With Facebook you can reach 800 million targeted customers.

Do you want to learn how to reach 800 million targeted customers?

If you want then you just need just one book that reveal an online advertising system. This book will show you how to create successful Marketing and Advertising campaigns on Facebook. In this book you will find out detailed information how to create great Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.
This book is named "Facebook Advertising Guide".

Facebook Advertising Guide will teach you how to:

  • Create and Run Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Design Your Facebook Ads
  • Advertise Your Facebook Pages
  • Create and Advertise Your Events On Facebook
  • Create the Facebook Like Button for Your Website or Blog
  • Create Great Facebook Pages or Group For Your Business
  • Create Great Landing Pages
  • Advertise Using Facebook News Feed
  • Create Your Facebook Place
  • Avoid Common (And Costly) Online Advertising Mistakes

Facebook Advertising Guide will helps you how to post you message to 800 million targeted customers to your business or affiliate links.

Facebook Advertising Guide

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to make money online

How to make money online is good question that deserves a response. We know that the world is not equally rich. Some countries are very rich but many are very poor. There are countries in the world where the people get salaries $10 a month, but there are countries where the average salary is $5000 per a month.
Thanks to the Internet the online business was developed. The online business is the hope of the poor people to make some additional income for themselves.
In this article I will try to explain the ways of making money online.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are like a gift from God himself for the economy. All affiliate programs are working on similar way. They are giving opportunity to the average people to register in their affiliate networks and starting to promote their products. The people who promote products from some affiliate network are called affiliate marketers. The most affiliate marketers has their own websites or blog that are very frequent and there they are promoting the affiliate program where they are members. The Affiliate programs are very good opportunity for all people to make very good money online. I know some affiliate marketers that are making hundred thousands of dollars per a year.
The most famous affiliate program is ClickBank. ClickBank is a company the offer maybe the highest commission to their affiliate marketers. The commission can up to 75%.

Google AdSense program

Google AdSense program is a way to make money online that cost you nothing. You just need to have very frequent website or blog that will allows you to apply for Googe AdSense account. Earning money with Google AdSense program depends from two main factors, the traffic and the keywords used into your website or blog. My advice is always use high paying keywords.
With this program you can easy make $10000 per a year.

Pay to Survey websites

There are many companies that are paying to other advertising companies to make surveys what will helps them to explore the market and the influence of their products to the customers. Some of them are paying $1, $5 and even $10 per survey. Using these kind of websites you can make up to $100 per a day. The main problem with these programs is they are created for specific countries. The most of them are intended for the US or Canadian market.

Pay to Click Websites

Pay to click websites are websites that allow their members to earn some money clicking ads provided by their advertisers. Using these websites you can make good money just if you are capable to refer a lot of people to these programs. If you try to earn money just from your account then you are very wrong. Another problem here is very big. The most of them are scams. Just 10% of pay to click websites are regular and stable.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Social Media for Consultants

Social media are tools that can benefit your business a lot. You just need to register the right social media and learn how to use them properly. There are thousands social platforms on the internet, but not all of them are going to be beneficial to your business. If you want to learn how to use social media successfully you should learn how to identify the social media that will have the greatest impact to your business.
If you want to use properly the social media you should learn how to:
  • find a better way for identifying the people, businesses and groups who are interested about your business
  • find prospects to market to
  • make connections with potential customers

Why to use social media as a marketing tool?
If you make deep research on Internet you will find out that at the moment are existing three very big social media platforms. These platforms can make very deep impact to your business.
These three big social media platforms are:
  • Facebook - more than 1 billion users worldwide
  • LinkedIn - 45 million users worldwide
  • Twitter -40 million users and is growing

All of these numbers are showing us that some percentage of them can become your customers.
Now you know that if people don't know you, your business and your business value to them, the success will never come. Social media has the power to open the door for your business.

Researching the social media tips for boosting my own business I found a book changed my life. This book is my best investment in this business. "Social Media for Consultants" is a book that takes the confusion out of social media and shows you how to make a great success with the three most popular platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Specifically, this book will teach you:
  • Why social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a good choice to add to your marketing efforts as a consultant
  • A basic understanding of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – their functionality and intended purpose
  • What to include in each of your social media profiles to make them effective and attractive to your followers
  • How to leverage social media tools, aggregate them using third-party applications and deliver single messages to multiple platforms reaching a wider audience

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advertising for free

When you say advertising for free you are always thinking about something impossible or even if you achieve it you think that it is useless. It is not true, the advertising for free is possible and it can be very helpful for your business. You just need to show some imagination and creativity.
We all know that our business needs advertising. One of the best way we can use to achieve advertising for free is by writing articles. Writing articles related to your field of expertise that can be submitted to many as possible writing articles platforms are the key in getting success in this field. In these articles you can always write about your products or services you offer, about your company etc. Today there are thousands writing articles platforms where you can submit your articles. These are thousands high quality backlinks to your website that will make you very high ranked in the search engines what from other side bring you other targeted traffic directed from the search engines.
After you publish your website I highly recommend you to write articles and start publishing them.  Within no time they will gain popularity to your website and of course to your products. This popularity will lead to make some sales.
Other opportunity is using social media for advertising for free. We all know the power of the social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Apsense, MyLot, Squidoo, HubPages etc. These social media are able to make your business noticed for just few days after the lunching. You can find many articles with tips and tricks on Internet that will teach you how properly to do advertising for free with them.
Commenting in blogs is another opportunity. You can find blogs or websites related to your website and start posting a comments there using the keywords related to your website. Remember, never post your link with the comments. It will be considered as a spam and probably you will be banned from there and your website will be flagged from the search engines.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Succeeding in Affiliate marketing is all about successful selling products for some Affiliate company. All of us know that one of the most famous Affiliate Companies that offer Affiliate program is ClickBank. ClickBank has very large marketplace for the marketers. There you can choose some products that are very popular . High popularity of the product means that it can be sold very easy. Choose products that offer high commission, at least 40%. Because I am working with ClickBank I will talk about ClickBank.

How much does it costs?

Registering to ClickBank Affiliate Program is free. After registering to ClickBank you will need a website. According to me one of the best place where you can get domain and host is VodaHost. VodaHost offer domains for $20. If you want to host it here they have very good program. The offer unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, free domain name, unlimited matching email accounts, unlimited domains and websites per account etc. If you sell your own products they offer multiple shopping carts and merchant accounts and affiliate program software.

How to start?

Simple, powerful marketing strategies every business can afford to implementThere's never been a better time to be a marketer or entrepreneur than right now. Thanks to the Internet, a new world of free and inexpensive tactics can help get the word out to the prospects of any business with a limited marketing budget. Free Marketing delivers more than 100 ideas to help any small business owner or marketer generate new revenue--with little or no marketing budget.
With both Internet-based and creative offline ideas, you'll discover ways to turn your top customers into your unpaid sales force, get your competitors to help you promote your new products, grow a loyal audience that devours your content, and spread the word about any product, service, cause or personality.

What a great concept ClickBank is for not only the product creator and seller but also for the massive number of people that make a great living just selling other peoples products as an affiliate! This book will guide you on how to achieve your goals to become successful in this field. All you have to do is to learn the basics.

Targeted traffic to your website

Targeted traffic to your website is the key to make a sales. You can use various ways to get targeted traffic. The first and the most important way is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is very important because it helps to get free traffic from the search engines. If you optimize your website on the proper way for maximum one week your website will start visiting hundreds thousands targeted visitors. This is good number and the best is it is free.
If you want to succeed 100% in SEO I highly recommend the book bellow:

What does this book offer?

 Step 1: KeyWords Research
 Step 2: Formatting keywords into Traffic Pumping questions
 Step 3: Setting up your Pump Funnel Gmail Account
 Step 4: Setting up your Google Allerts Traffic Pump
 Step 5: Getting your traffic pump flowing

Other way to get targeted traffic is trough the Social Networks. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are excellent tools for getting unlimited targeted visitors.
Bellow is the list of books that I recommend if you want to become an expert of using these social media for succeeding in the Affiliate Business.

This book will teach you how to create and Run Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns, how to Design Your Facebook Ads, how to Advertise Your Facebook Pages etc.