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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Get Traffic to your Website

There are many proven ways to bring targeted traffic to your website. In this article I will show you some of them that from my opinion are most useful and are giving the best results.

1. Submit your websites to high ranked directories
Google spiders are loving very much the directories. They can drastically increase your webpage rank.
Directories will helps you to obtain high quality one way incoming links.
Why you need quality incoming links?
Quality incoming links are necessary for obtaining high webpage rank what will gives you a lot of targeted traffic from the major search engines.

Summary for the benefits from the one way incoming links from the directories
  • High quality backlinks
  • Very high search engine rankings, at leas rank 5
  • Targeted traffic

List of the most quality directories

When you submit your website to one of these directories you should take care about the keywords. All of these directories offer a possibility to enter a keywords that will help better to be found your website.
These directories are some of the directories existed on Internet. If you research little on Google you can find plenty other directories. But be careful, before you submit your website to some of them you should check their page rank. I suggest you to use just directories with page rank 5 or more.

2. Writing articles

Writing articles is very good way to promote your website or your affiliate links. When you publish article to some quality articles platform you can get very quality targeted traffic. The article platforms are used as a source of information what means if somebody found your article he is interested for the topic you write. All people who visit your website on this way becomes in the group of targeted traffic. These people are almost always willing to buy the products they are searching for.
When you write some article you should  about the quality of the article. This is the most important thing. Many of the marketers suggest you to publish your articles to more article platforms, but I tell you never do this. Never publish the same article on more place. Google hate very much copy pasted articles. They will not be placed in high ranked articles.

List of the most popular article platforms

Like I wrote for directory submission, choose carefully the keywords. The keywords are the essential part for bringing traffic to your articles. The best thing here is you article platform has high page rank, that means your articles start with high page rank what make them more competitive.

3. Social Networks Marketing

Today Social Networks are the biggest targeted traffic driving force. Using them you can bring millions of targeted visitors that can increase your sales to the sky.
The most famous Social Network is Facebook. Facebook  has more than 1 billion members what makes it the most targeted power for the marketers. Creating fan pages is also one of the best tool what Facebook offers for the marketers. The best of all is the creation of Facebook fan page is free.
The next are Twitter, LinkedinMySpace, Hi5, Apsense , Ibotoolbox and many others. Using them will help you to get very quality backlinks and will give you very quality targeted traffic. Boosting your Business using them is very easy.

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