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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Affiliate masters guide, part one

If you want to make money on the internet you should enter into the affiliate business.  An affiliate business is the easiest way to get into the e-business.  I will not discuss for the affiliate programs that pay in this guide because I already discussed this topic in one of my previous pots. Here I will explain how to be successfully with your affiliate program.
All of us know that the key for making sales with the affiliate programs is to send targeted traffic to a Merchant's website that you are promoting.  If somebody buys you get a commission.
Getting traffic to website can cost you but you have to calculate is it worth. Is it possible this traffic to be converted into sales. For example if you pay $100 for 1000 visitors and you convert just 1% that are 10 sales. That means your goal is pointed.
Build you own Content website  with high value  keyword focused content pages that are very high ranked from the search engines. Ranking high at the search engines will produce with tons of free targeted traffic. Bringing targeted traffic from the search engines will maximize your sales with lowing your costs for traffic.
How to get targeted traffic, both paid and free ways?
There are many ways to get targeted traffic. The most useful is to use Google AdWords. Google AdWords is not free service but is very quality. You can make thousands of dollars using this service. When you try this service remember to do not forget using just high completive keywords. Using them will ensure your ads to be placed on quality  websites where the cheating will not be a way. Using low competitive  keywords will not charge you much for a click, but your ads will be placed on low quality blogs or website which have traffic lower than 100 visitors a day. With that kind of websites you will not make a money. You will spend your money for nothing.
Facebook ads are the competition to Google AdWords. Using them properly can maximize your conversion rate also. You need 1-3% conversion rate to be very successful. Good advantage to Facebook ads are nobody needs to cheat. If somebody click to your Facebook ads for nothing he will get nothing. That means 95% of the traffic trough the Facebook ads is targeted traffic.
Linkedin Ads are function on the same way as Facebook ads. The difference is you pay $10 per a day.
Free option for getting targeted traffic is SEO optimization. Optimize your website for the search engines is the most important. You should always try to maximize your SEO because in opposite you will lose thousands of targeted visitors.
Remember, the best SEO for your website is your content. The content with high quality keywords will increase your page rank what makes your website SEO competitive.

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