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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Generate targeted traffic for free

If you are business owner that sell products on Internet you have to know that you need lots of traffic to make a sales. You also have to know that all traffic is not equal. You don't need just millions of visitors that will not be productive.
You need targeted visitors. Targeted traffic is the blood for your business. You will find many articles on Internet about this topic, some of them are giving very quality information but the most of them are speaking for the commercial way for gaining targeted traffic. In this article I am continuing to speak about the free ways for fulfilling this task.
Nobody can't deny Google AdWords power. With Google AdWords every Affiliate marketer will make money. But to start good Google AdWords campaign you need knowledge and money. If you are beginner in this business I don't recommend you to start with Google AdWords. First start with free targeted traffic and after entering into this business go to step 2, Google AdWords.
  1. Blogs commenting
Visiting similar blogs to your website or blog and adding a comments to their posts can bring you a lot of quality backlinks. You just need to be carefully to do not be accepted as a spammer. Comment on a right way.

  1. Starting your own blog
Having your own blog is very good for you especially if you are an internet marketer. The blogs are very easy for the search engines spiders and are excellent for generating traffic. You are also in possibility to link directly to your website. The best thing is they are indexed very quickly from all search engines. Making your blog popular will make your business very successful.

  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your blog
Promoting your blog trough Facebook Fan page is very good for your blog. Facebook is a Social Network with more than one billion members what make the possibilities huge.

  1. Get traffic from forums
Find quality forums related to your website or blog and start posting in them. Before posting comments with your links please read the forum rules. Some of them are not allowing to post links. You should be very carefully in formulating your comments. Be sure to use your main keywords in the comment. These keywords will direct people to your website.

  1. Article marketing
Writing quality articles related to your website is the best way to promote your website. There are many article platforms that are ranking very well and are ideal source for quality backlinks. The best advantage from them is the readers are targeted and if they click on your link they will probably become your customer.

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  1. You should be very carefully in formulating your comments. Be sure to use your main keywords in the comment.