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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to make money online

How to make money online is good question that deserves a response. We know that the world is not equally rich. Some countries are very rich but many are very poor. There are countries in the world where the people get salaries $10 a month, but there are countries where the average salary is $5000 per a month.
Thanks to the Internet the online business was developed. The online business is the hope of the poor people to make some additional income for themselves.
In this article I will try to explain the ways of making money online.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are like a gift from God himself for the economy. All affiliate programs are working on similar way. They are giving opportunity to the average people to register in their affiliate networks and starting to promote their products. The people who promote products from some affiliate network are called affiliate marketers. The most affiliate marketers has their own websites or blog that are very frequent and there they are promoting the affiliate program where they are members. The Affiliate programs are very good opportunity for all people to make very good money online. I know some affiliate marketers that are making hundred thousands of dollars per a year.
The most famous affiliate program is ClickBank. ClickBank is a company the offer maybe the highest commission to their affiliate marketers. The commission can up to 75%.

Google AdSense program

Google AdSense program is a way to make money online that cost you nothing. You just need to have very frequent website or blog that will allows you to apply for Googe AdSense account. Earning money with Google AdSense program depends from two main factors, the traffic and the keywords used into your website or blog. My advice is always use high paying keywords.
With this program you can easy make $10000 per a year.

Pay to Survey websites

There are many companies that are paying to other advertising companies to make surveys what will helps them to explore the market and the influence of their products to the customers. Some of them are paying $1, $5 and even $10 per survey. Using these kind of websites you can make up to $100 per a day. The main problem with these programs is they are created for specific countries. The most of them are intended for the US or Canadian market.

Pay to Click Websites

Pay to click websites are websites that allow their members to earn some money clicking ads provided by their advertisers. Using these websites you can make good money just if you are capable to refer a lot of people to these programs. If you try to earn money just from your account then you are very wrong. Another problem here is very big. The most of them are scams. Just 10% of pay to click websites are regular and stable.

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