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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home Business Ideas

There are many business ideas that can help you to make money online. Before choose some business idea you should summary of what your business is about, how much it costs, how much time you need to spend per a day to perform your business, the necessary experience etc. 
The best home business idea according to me is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means selling products for others. After you make a sale you earn commission.
One of the most famous companies that offers affiliate program is Clickbank. Clickbank exists many years paying on time to their customers. They are selling just digital products. Clickbank database consists of thousands of products. The commission rate for the products is very high, varying from 40% up to 75%.
Joining to Clickbank is free and with no restrictions. The paying is trough checks or to the bank account (after to payed checks).
After you register and login to Clickbank you should click on Marketplace.
Clickbank marketplace

To start making money with Clickbank you don't need any experience at all. Just choose very popular product and star promoting it. 
How to choose very popular product worthed to be promoted?

This picture explain everything. Just sort the products by their popularity

Where to promote my affiliate products?
The best place where you can promote your affiliate products is is very powerful blogging platform powered by Google with more than 6 millions unique visitors. With you can set up your own blog for 5 minute. Blogger is free platform but they are offering a way to use your own domain. Using at least your own domain is better way. Affiliate products is not the only way for making money trough Blogger. You can use Google Adsense also. If you make your blog very popular you make thousands of dollars using Google Adsense.
Amazon offers also affiliate program. Their database is very huge. Here is much easier to find your product to promote. They show you the best selling products. The problem here is the low commission. For now I have 8% commission.

Now you know why I prefer Clickbank.

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